Welcome back, Scarlett!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! As of 22:53, yesterday evening, I had confirmation that Scarlett had returned from her boating trip around the country. This has personally made me very happy, and I’m sure that it has also made our circle of friends very happy too 😀 

So I have some welcome back messages from myself, Isaac and Lyndon, as we are the only ones insane enough to still be awake.

Isaac: Hey Scarlett, I missed you lots, it really hasn’t been the same without you here, I have missed all of our Xbox shenanigans loads! Welcome home!

Lyndon: When you left so did a part of me and now you have returned I feel complete again. Welcome home! 

Laura: Hey sweet pea! Funny thing is once you were on your return journey and now that you have returned home, I am suddenly much better. I hope you appreciate that I found you a banner that has American stars on them to welcome you home. I have missed you, very much, and I am very glad that you’re home safe and sound, and that you are now enjoying some peaceful catch up sleep. I will definitely see you later, I may even come and drag you out of your house before you do me. I hope you’ve had a lovely time. Our little family is all back together now! Welcome home honey! 🙂 

So, until the next time a friend leaves us all and then returns:

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written by: Laura

Scarlett: I’ve just seen this and realised how much i love my friends – you’re all fabulous. I’m extremely happy to be home and in the presence of such amazing people again. And Laura, i do appreciate all of your time and effort to get me an American Welcome Home Banner – you know me so well.  


The Return of a Fabulous Friend!


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back Mr Jack Bradshaw to the country. He’s been away for practically a month in Thailand and he has been missed very much. Especially by me and Scarlett. We’ve been having serious withdrawal symptoms. Our group just doesn’t function as well without him. He completes our little family.

So I’m super duper happy that he’s back safe and sound. However, Scarlett has gone away on a boat trip for 10 days, so missed him coming back. Great timing (that was sarcasm). So she has to wait another ten days to see him. I want to laugh, but that’s unfair, so love and hugs Scarlett. I did send her some Snapchats of me and Jack together though to make her jealous. I’m really such an evil friend.

So welcome back Jack (from Laura as Scarlett hasn’t seen you yet). Hang on in there Scarlett! Have a lovely and safe trip 😀

So, I dedicate and address this to Scarlett:

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!


                          Written by: Laura

A Fabulous Adventure

P1100070 Us girls of ‘Fifty Shades of Fabulous’ had a thrilling day today so we thought we’d treat you all with a lovely post about what today’s adventures entailed, and this is the outcome:

We met up in our usual rendezvous place around 11 after, being the clever girl she is, Scarlett forgot to lock her door and had to run all the way home to lock it (Whoopsy). After that dilemma had been resolved, we took our final stroll around school and said goodbye to the teachers that are leaving and for Laura to faff, give thank you cards and to get our yearbooks signed- as always, Scarlett got rather overwhelmed with emotions after saying goodbye to her favorite teacher and started blubbering like a baby. I’m just an emotional person okay!? Two hours down the line, and we thought it’d be best if we vacated the school premises for the very last time – Good Bye School! You will be missed.

P1100182After that emotional trip, we met up with our fabulous friends: Isaac and Gyllene who greeted us with moaning about our lengthy trip around school. We then took a trip to various shops to buy enough liquids to keep us hydrated for the whole day – Water, Orange Juice, Irn-Bru, 7UP, J2O, Grape Soda and Energy Drinks so it’s safe to say we had enough. We also had to get ‘Fab’ ice lollies, because we thought we’d celebrate the opening of this fabulous new blog with a relevant item of food.

The trip then took us to a beautiful little spot we like to call ‘V-Shape’ because, to your amazement, it’s in the shape of a V – i know, baffling stuff. V-Shape is a little stream type area with sun and shade, so a perfect spot for us to go on such a beautiful day. We sat there from around 2-5:30 taking many photos which you can view here.

P1100059As V-Shape comes with it’s own built in pool, we though we’d go for a little paddle and being the cleverer of the two, Scarlett brought a spare Hawaiian shirt to wear in the water and Laura brought nothing. Therefore Scarlett came to the rescue and agreed to let Laura wear her dress sacrificing her dryness while walking home just to save Laura’s – I know, a great friend.

We ended the day by walking, or in Scarlett’s case; limping home (Because her shoes were giving her blisters *Cry*) but of course we had to stop off at Laura’s house for Scarlett to retrieve her dress – as usual while at Laura, Scarlett was given a drink and fed ham. Then Laura’s fabulous mother; Carolyn, gave Scarlett a lift home because of her poorly feet – Thanks Carolyn!

The highlight of the day was most definitely when a random dog ran up to us, pondered around for a second and then went and urinated all over Gyllene’s bag – priceless.


Many thanks to Isaac and Gyllene for making this day a fabulous one for us.

Until the next time,

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!


Written by: Scarlett