Welcome back, Scarlett!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! As of 22:53, yesterday evening, I had confirmation that Scarlett had returned from her boating trip around the country. This has personally made me very happy, and I’m sure that it has also made our circle of friends very happy too 😀 

So I have some welcome back messages from myself, Isaac and Lyndon, as we are the only ones insane enough to still be awake.

Isaac: Hey Scarlett, I missed you lots, it really hasn’t been the same without you here, I have missed all of our Xbox shenanigans loads! Welcome home!

Lyndon: When you left so did a part of me and now you have returned I feel complete again. Welcome home! 

Laura: Hey sweet pea! Funny thing is once you were on your return journey and now that you have returned home, I am suddenly much better. I hope you appreciate that I found you a banner that has American stars on them to welcome you home. I have missed you, very much, and I am very glad that you’re home safe and sound, and that you are now enjoying some peaceful catch up sleep. I will definitely see you later, I may even come and drag you out of your house before you do me. I hope you’ve had a lovely time. Our little family is all back together now! Welcome home honey! 🙂 

So, until the next time a friend leaves us all and then returns:

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written by: Laura

Scarlett: I’ve just seen this and realised how much i love my friends – you’re all fabulous. I’m extremely happy to be home and in the presence of such amazing people again. And Laura, i do appreciate all of your time and effort to get me an American Welcome Home Banner – you know me so well.  


A Fabulous Holiday

This post comes from the cosy greatness that is my boat as I (Scarlett) am currently on spending the week on my narrow boat, Golden Sunset. After a HUGE dilemma with my dongles, we managed to get them up and running on my new laptop so that I can blog from anywhere! – My favourite spot is on the front of the boat next to Rosie and Jim.

So far on my boating adventures I have been from Shardlow to Burton to Llitchfield, to Fazeley, and to Tamworth – stopping off at places like Drayton Manor and the Snow Dome in between, not to mention a hell of a lot of shopping took place. I have only just got back from Ice Skating and with my aching ankles and calves i’m currently relaxing on the front of the boat with a Pick’N’Mix by my side chugging along the canal with just the sound of the countryside and the tapping of my keyboard and the wind blowing through my hair. Speaking of hair, one downside of the boat is that my hair dyer and straighteners don’t work here so i’m walking around with natural hair and being me that isn’t a preferred option. Despite that i’m actually having a really nice time with my parents and the nature is giving me a bit of a detox. Life couldn’t be better for me at the moment, great friends, lovely weather and of course my new laptop – not to mention my health.. I’m alive at least.

Events that are worth sharing:

  • Storm force 10 at Drayon Manor broke down while we were waiting and my parents still insisted that we were going on it, wasting about an hour of our time, when we eventually got on it, I got soaked head to foot and had to walk around looking like a drowned rat all day.
  • My Dad stole my mums onion rings at dinner today, now my mum wont shut up about it.
  • I fell over once at Ice Skating, and it was the only time my dad was filming, i’ll attempt to get the video uploaded eventually.
  • I’ve had a total of around 10 hours sleep because my parents both keep me up all night snoring.

So until the next time, I’ll carry on having a fabulous time!

Stay safe, stay warm, stay hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written By: Scarlett