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Hello, and welcome to my own little section of Fifty Shades of Fabulous – i promise i’ll try and make this as interesting as possible for the future. I’m planning on making this area a scrap book sort of formation: photos of places i go, things i see etc and a description followed by a one liner about my feelings about the place.

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Song of the Day:

With The Hunger Games being one of my favorite films i thought i’d share with you all one of my favorite songs from the album ‘The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and beyond’

P1100025 Accessory of the day, month, year or maybe even lifetime: Italian Bowler Hat.

I got my bowler hat a couple of years back and the little beauty is from Italy – of course i accessorized it with flowers, being the sassy soul i am.

They sell similar ones in Topshop and ASOS – but not one is a match for my favorite piece of head gear.



Accessory of the day: Wayfarer Ray Bans

I got my Ray Bans last year from Tunisia – so yes they’re fake (A money saving tip from Scavalar – get fake Ray Bans abroad) I have 3 pairs of Ray Bans but these are by far my favorite – the purple leopard print is perfect because we all know how much i love pattern. If you want to buy some real Ray Bans however – click here!


T-Shirt of the day: Ghost Adventures  Tee

So in the home of Scavalar today it will be booming with the sounds of ‘EVP’s and Zak Bagans seductive voice – YES! I’m spending my day watching ghost adventures! I’m tidying my room so i needed a t-shirt which is nice and loose so i can maneuver properly – this is perfect for that. Not to mention it shows of my addiction of ghost adventures perfectly.


P1100196Item of the day: Glittery Paint

I promised myself i was going to do some art today – but i lied to myself and broke a promise. However, from 6 ‘o’ clock i’m going to turn my laptop, tv and phone off and just do art until i go to sleep. Whenever i paint i ALWAYS use my glittery paint which i got from Hobby Craft. It gives everything that little bit of individuality


cute thingsIt’s a Scarlett thing’ of the day: Cute hair plait.

With my hair being my pride and joy and one of the only things i like about my body (If hair is included in that category) i love to add little bits into my hair. For the past week or so i’ve been walking around with a plait in the underneath of my hair with little flower additions. I love this look on me, it makes me feel sassy.



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