Welcome back, Scarlett!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! As of 22:53, yesterday evening, I had confirmation that Scarlett had returned from her boating trip around the country. This has personally made me very happy, and I’m sure that it has also made our circle of friends very happy too 😀 

So I have some welcome back messages from myself, Isaac and Lyndon, as we are the only ones insane enough to still be awake.

Isaac: Hey Scarlett, I missed you lots, it really hasn’t been the same without you here, I have missed all of our Xbox shenanigans loads! Welcome home!

Lyndon: When you left so did a part of me and now you have returned I feel complete again. Welcome home! 

Laura: Hey sweet pea! Funny thing is once you were on your return journey and now that you have returned home, I am suddenly much better. I hope you appreciate that I found you a banner that has American stars on them to welcome you home. I have missed you, very much, and I am very glad that you’re home safe and sound, and that you are now enjoying some peaceful catch up sleep. I will definitely see you later, I may even come and drag you out of your house before you do me. I hope you’ve had a lovely time. Our little family is all back together now! Welcome home honey! 🙂 

So, until the next time a friend leaves us all and then returns:

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written by: Laura

Scarlett: I’ve just seen this and realised how much i love my friends – you’re all fabulous. I’m extremely happy to be home and in the presence of such amazing people again. And Laura, i do appreciate all of your time and effort to get me an American Welcome Home Banner – you know me so well.  


The Return of a Fabulous Friend!


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back Mr Jack Bradshaw to the country. He’s been away for practically a month in Thailand and he has been missed very much. Especially by me and Scarlett. We’ve been having serious withdrawal symptoms. Our group just doesn’t function as well without him. He completes our little family.

So I’m super duper happy that he’s back safe and sound. However, Scarlett has gone away on a boat trip for 10 days, so missed him coming back. Great timing (that was sarcasm). So she has to wait another ten days to see him. I want to laugh, but that’s unfair, so love and hugs Scarlett. I did send her some Snapchats of me and Jack together though to make her jealous. I’m really such an evil friend.

So welcome back Jack (from Laura as Scarlett hasn’t seen you yet). Hang on in there Scarlett! Have a lovely and safe trip 😀

So, I dedicate and address this to Scarlett:

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!


                          Written by: Laura

Fifty Shades Of Us!

…well Fifty Facts About Us really.

We thought, well Laura did, Scarlett doesn’t know about this yet, that although we, well Scarlett has already done an ‘About Us’ page and a welcome post that has already given you an insight into the world of each of us, I thought some random, quirky facts wouldn’t go a miss either. So, the amount. Well it seems that as the blog is called ‘Fifty Shades of Fabulous’, it would only be right to then do fifty, quick, listed facts about each of us.

Laura: So here goes. I’ll try not to be typical in my facts, but I can’t promise anything. I like to be different but that’s not always the case. I don’t believe I am that interesting, so I think 50 random facts is going to be difficult, and I cannot guarantee that you will not fall asleep. I also don’t like sharing a lot about myself so this therefore makes this a near impossible task but here goes:

1. My name used to be Laura Hindle, it is now Laura Toher-Hindle. Speaking of names, I would like to call my first born: Coira Jane. The first name will be pronounced ‘Cora’, however I think names with ‘i’s’, ‘o’s’ and ‘a’s’ in look feminine and pretty. My brother thinks this is extremely stupid.  I think ‘u’s’ are ugly and masculine letters (I’m not saying males are ugly).

2. I like to be a mystery. Oooooooh. I hate the thought that I can be easily read. I also like to be different. I hate the thought that I’m the same as someone, and that my actions and what I say are typical of a 16 year old girl.

3. I don’t trust easily. May seem typical and common, but I seriously trust literally no one.

4. I have a phobia of my phone keyboard. It scares me and drives me to the point of extreme anger and frustration.

5.  I never reply…to anyone.

6. My nickname is ‘Ginge’.

7. I am not ginger.

8. I love films. I could literally live the rest of my life and do nothing but watch films. I tend to predict what’ll happen in everything I watch (which makes me feel great when it turns out to happen), and I analyse every detail. Thank you English for ruining my enjoyment of motion picture.

9. I am so lazy. I love to sleep. However doing nothing is really uncomfortable for me.

10. I am a perfectionist.

11. I never meet deadlines and I am always late. I’m so dis-organised and I do not prioritize at all.  I’m always behind. This is going to become my next rapid improvement.

12. I spend too much money on clothes. But this has slowed down a considerable amount in the recent months.

13. I am so dippy. I have zero common sense.

14. I am very self-conscious and insecure. So I struggle to describe myself as ‘Fabulous’ or any other associated word for this blog. I would rather be liked than disliked.

15. I love Greece. Mainly the island of Zakynthos. I love Greek food. It’s so fresh.

16. I’m often fond of change. But in some instances, I hate it.

17. I love random foods. I could sit and eat spoonfuls of mango chutney all day. However, I hate seafood and I hate mustard. Feed my any of those, knowing my dislike, I will instantly dislike you.

18. I mostly always, now, melt any chocolate I have and eat it that way. I also have an inability to eat sandwiches as sandwiches. I always dismantle them and eat all the pieces separately. My diet is so rubbish…so unhealthy.

19. I constantly drink either Orange juice, Apple juice, Cranberry or Cranberry and Raspberry juice. They’re great.

20. I am very independent. I love my own company. But I hate to be on my own in public.

21. I can never spell the words “associated”, “opportunity”, “separated” and “surprise”. I never know if it’s two ‘s’s’ or a ‘c’ in ‘associated’, I always use a ‘u’ instead of an ‘o’ in ‘opportunity’, I always put an ‘e’ in the place of the second ‘a’ because when you say the word it sounds like an ‘e’ should be there and I always forget the first ‘r’ in ‘surprise. The fact that I have managed to spell them all correctly here is a miracle. Thank goodness for red squiggly lines and spell-check.

22. People’s feelings are important to me, so I often feel very guilty and I often worry as to whether my actions will, if and how they may affect someone.

23. I am so sarcastic. This is not always picked up.

24. I have an awful laugh. If people don’t laugh at my jokes, I will laugh at them so that then people laugh at my laugh. I love to entertain, give surprises, make people laugh. I like it when people tell me that I make them happy. I love to have unique bonds with people.

25. I always aim for the highest and the best. I am not happy with anything less. People who don’t understand this irritate me.

26. I used to be a national level swimmer. I am currently a Level One Qualified Teacher of Aquatic Skill. You can probably tell I love sport. I love sport games and competitions. I love to win.

27. Studying will always be the most important aspect of my life right now.

28. I HATE walking. It’s so boring. The fact that I have to speed-walk everywhere because I’m always late is probably a contributing factor into why I don’t like it.

29. I am always ill somehow. It’s horrible.

30. I love bright colours and patterns. I don’t have a favourite colour or style.

31. I love having braces, just not when they hurt.

32.  I have enlarged adenoids. I also have tiny ears and am almost 110% certain I’m shrinking.

33. My eyes are so weak. I prefer sunglasses where you cannot see my eyes through the lenses.

34. I want to have many different careers in the future. I don’t want to do one thing with my life, I want to do many. I don’t want to be bored at any point in my life. Not being productive really irritates me.

35. I want to be remembered when I die. I would love to make an impact on the world. Like, finding a cure for cancer. I would love to do that.

36. I would love to be able to sing. I sing all the time. My shower head is great. And I would love to be able to street dance. I would also love to play the acoustic guitar and the piano, which I hope to learn one day.

37. I hate to cry in front of people. I also hate lying. I especially hate it when I know the truth and watch when someone else lies about it. I could never lie to my Mum.

38. I think the numbers 4, 8, 9, and 24, 48, 49 and 94 are very pretty numbers.

39. I love to read. I get lost in books. I can’t put them down sometimes, and read whenever I can in this state. Jodie Picoult is my favourite author right now.

40. I hate to lose anything. I hoard everything and find it very difficult to clear out.

41. I was so happy when I learned that one day I could magically click my fingers. I wish I could make sound effects with my mouth, like whistling, or making the ‘POP’ sound by pulling a finger along the cheek.

42. I love to take pictures. I believe nothing can be forgotten if I have a picture of it.

43. I get really irritated when people I love choose bad choices in life. Such as smoking. Or drugs.

44. I used to have a great memory. Now I’m forgetting a lot of things and this concerns me.
Subsection a. I always remember something when I’ve written it down even if I never look at it again. I have half a photographic memory according to my science teacher, so this may be the reason. Saying I only have half may look like I’m wishful thinking, attention seeking and only pretending, but I literally can remember sections of pages, or the appearance of a page and what’s written on it. Colour helps to enhance this.

45. I lose my temper very easily. I regret any actions immediately after I have committed them when I’m in a bad temper.

46. I will always apologise to people who I have upset, even when I may be in the right. I hate tension when I love the person who may have been upset by something I have done. I find it the most difficult to apologise to my brother. I don’t know why.

47. I have a brother. Me and my brother are very similar. Stick us in a group of 100 people, make us all laugh, and you will instantly know that we are related.

48. I have a filthy mind, sometimes. But, surprisingly after saying that, I’m quite innocent, and I don’t know what a lot of things means in relation.

49. I am terrified of paranormal beings. They petrify me. I am also terrified of the dark and most insects. I hide under my quilt at night because I believe nothing can touch me when I’m under it. I am also terrified of awkwardness. I’m also terrified of any form of commitment.

50. I am so very proud to be British. I have so many British flag possessions it’s unreal.

(additional fact for you: I hate the way I’ve had to set this out in order for it to be readable.)

It’s lovely to meet you all. 😀 


Now it’s my part of the post and with not knowing who i actually am at the moment this will be quite hard for me. In addition to that, i’m not really that interesting to tell you the truth but i sure will have a go! I’ll try and make it as interesting as possible and avoid the typical ‘My Name is Scarlett, i am 16 from England’. I’ll go all out there with random facts about myself. I hope you enjoy!

  1. My absolute number one dream is to live in America – Idaho or Ohio.
  2. Not many people know that much about me – Laura is the person who knows me the most.
  3. I absolutely hate Facebook – but it’s one of the only ways i can talk to some of my friends so it’s needed.
  4. My favorite numbers are as follows: 8, 12, 24, 37 and 69 – My Least favorite number is 7.
  5. I absolutely love my cat – I have two cats, Buttons and Riley but Buttons is by far my favorite (Not that i should have a favorite)
  6. I love to walk – everywhere. I use public transport as little as possible and i will NEVER get in a taxi on my own, even if it means me having to walk for miles.
  7. I hate it when people copy my every move – which is an extremely bad trait of mine. It’s acceptable when it’s just one thing because then they don’t look like me, but when it’s literally every single thing i do – it gets on my nerves.
  8. My dream job would either be a Ghost Hunter or a Vintage cafe owner – Ghost Hunter so i could meet Zak Bagans and owning my own Vintage cafe has always been a dream of mine since i was a little girl.
  9. I love to walk down the street listening to ‘Superstition’ by Stevie Wonder – it makes me feel all sassy and because it’s the perfect speed i can walk in time to the music.
  10. I love photography – i’m not much good at it but i have a good eye apparently.
  11. I have moments in my life where i keep my room spotless for months – but then other times (Like now) I just get to my room at night, shove anything i have on the bed on the floor and go to sleep.
  12. I hate people who lie about everything just to try and impress people – i know way to many people like this and it’s funny because they think i can’t see past their lies.
  13. My nickname is ‘Red’ because clearly the name Scarlett means Red.
  14. (I’m stealing these off my other blog now because i can’t think of anything!) I have a phobia of submarines and sailors – or anything nautical for that matter. The thought of being trapped in the middle of no where, and the only way to safety would be swimming for miles terrifies me.
  15. I don’t get annoyed that easily but there are a few things which really annoy me and you’ll know if you do.
  16. I have total motivation changes all the time. Sometimes i’m motivated and want to be all productive and then other times i just want to lie in bed and do nothing at all.
  17. I dislike being around people for a long time unless they mean a lot to me, i can be quite temperamental. Similarly, i can’t handle commitment – which is going to suck in the future.
  18. I absolutely HATE change – i’d just love to stay in school for the rest of my life instead of changing things every couple of years. Maybe that’s because the future scares me.
  19. I don’t want to get married, the idea of marriage seems quite medieval to me. Plus like i just said i can’t handle commitment.
  20. I don’t want children either – because as we all know i really don’t like children. That’s because i get irritated easily by them. Ew.
  21. I’m perfectly happy being alone, until i get upset then i just want someone to cuddle me. – That’s why i have a cat.
  22. The saying ‘Never say Never’ baffles me.. i mean you just said never twice.. don’t be so contradictory…
  23. There are only about 3 people that i actually hate in the world – A teacher, an asshole and a bitch.
  24. I love it when people write status’ slagging me off and sprint screen my status’ and slag me off through them – it just goes to show that they’re the ones who can’t seem to let go and are clearly that bothered about me that they take time out of their day to try and annoy me.
  25. I love to dye my hair different colours (Clearly) but when i’m about to move on to a new colour i get too attached to my current hair colour and then don’t do it.
  26. Just past half way and i’m already disliking Laura for making me do this.
  27. I love to sit on my windowsill and listen to people argue on my street – its my free entertainment.
  28. The last time i did one of these was before i left school – not that much has changed to tell you the truth. Other than the fact that i’ve never been so bored in my life.
  29. I’d do anything to meet Zak Bagans – some one take me to him please? He’s my idol.
  30. To go to sleep the conditions have to be perfect – it has to be freezing cold, quiet and comfy enough for me to just snuggle up to my pillow and fall straight to sleep. (I also have to have no socks on)
  31. I never put more that two kisses on the end of messages, if you get more than you’re special or i want something.
  32. I hate people who misinterpret things and make me out to be the bad guy – as you can see on my person blog.
  33. My Bearded Dragon drives me mad, he is constantly trying to get out of his tank so i let him out and the tries to launch himself down the stairs.
  34. Similarly, my parrot is driving me absolutely insane.
  35. I have an obsession with anything sparkly – i’m like a magpie.
  36. My favourite colour is Orange but my favourite colour to wear is red.
  37. Storage Hunters has to be the most entertaining show ever.
  38. I have extremely strong opinions.. and that sometimes gets me into trouble. Something else that gets me into trouble is being over friendly.
  39. I don’t trust anyone – plain and simple.
  40. I doubt myself a hell of a lot – but then i just go for it anyway and try my very best.
  41. I should have been doing art since i left, and i’ve done absolutely none. Also, i should be doing piano practice and i haven’t done any of that either. Whoopsie.
  42. My family has a games room that we hardly ever use. Once at new years, once at halloween and any other parties we throw. However, i’m having friends round today and we’re having a movie night in my games room. Wins to be me.
  43. I can come across quite serious through texts, posts and messages but i’m actually a really bubbly person – not that it shows.
  44. I haven’t had my hair cut for about 3 years after my hair dresses cut my hair shoulder length after i said none off the length – my hair was down below my boobs. I think it might be a mild phobia of mine, whenever anyone even touches my hair i rage. However, my mum has had access to my hair recently to dye it.
  45. There’s always one person in my life who is on my case – as soon as one stops someone else comes to do it. Strangely enough, it’s usually the people who i treasure the most who turn against me.
  46. When people are paranoid or constantly moan at me for talking – i talk less just to make a point. Just another one of my bad traits being thrown out there.
  47. I’m so bad at keeping up with hollyoaks and when i watch the omnibus on sundays i get distracted so i never know whats cracking off. I don’t think i’ve watched it in over a month – i’m a bad person.
  48. I never take peoples advice which is one of my many down falls – however i get annoyed if people don’t take my advice.
  49. When i’m in my dad’s work van i feel superior to everyone because i’m higher. I’m like – ‘I’m looking down on you peasants’ but then i realise i’m the peasant because i’m rolling around in a work van.
  50. I’m so NOT proud to be British just to contrast Laura’s last post. I’m American at heart and i always have been. I’m just not meant to be English – that’s all it is.

I DID IT! I hope this little insight to how much of a boring person wasn’t too terrible for you to read. However, as proud as i am and no matter how much i’d just love to sit and admire my commitment to this i have to shoot off to get ready for my little get together tonight so farewell!


1. We both have an insanely random taste in music. The Sixth Letter, Backstreet Boys, Queen, Shakira, Little Mix. Scarlett’s Ipod is literally the saviour of our sanity.

2. We both have similar tastes in style. Pattern and vibrant colours are the way forward.

3. We tend to feel sad at the same time.

4. We seem to know what each other is thinking.

5. We have an undeniable respect for each other. And that is why we work.

If you have any quirky facts about yourself, please comment them below. We’d love to hear them!

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written by: Laura (and Scarlett soon!)

A Fabulous New Addition!

So, the much awaited royal baby has arrived-welcome to the world ‘Prince of Cambridge’, and congratulations to both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge-William and Katherine!


The royal baby born was born today at 4:24pm (what beautiful numbers to be born on), weighing 8lbs 6oz. And born on the hottest day of the year so far! Surely that’s a good omen, right?

I’m sure that posts like these will be in the hundreds, maybe thousands, tonight, so I’ll try and add a touch of fabulous-ness and difference to this one.

I imagine tonight, pretty much a very high percentage of Britain will be going crazy, and most of those people will probably be stood outside Buckingham Palace. I suppose it’s then quite lucky that there wasn’t a thunderstorm down there as there is up here in this little town I’m currently in. I imagine a storm on the night of the birth of the new Prince would also be something quite ominous, but let’s not think like that.

I must say my favourite part of the royal birth was definitely when the Queen joked about her impatience as to when the newborn would arrive. I remember watching her say the words “I do not really mind as to whether it is a boy or a girl, but I would very much like it to arrive. You see I’m going on holiday next week, and would very much like it to arrive before then”. I’m not sure about the latter of that statement, but I definitely think I heard the first part, and I must say, it was very amusing.


Over the past few months, I have often thought that Kate was not ready for motherhood. To me, she seemed to be this fragile, fresh figure of someone who was just getting settled into newly married royal life and with all it’s hectic-ness and public outings, and then BAM, she was pregnant just a year later. To many that may seem like a long time after being married to a royal to have the first child, but to me, it seems so very very soon. It almost looked like as if she was under pressure to give birth to an heir. But I’m sure that’s not the case, and being only 16 and not Kate herself, I’m sure that my view on everything surrounded with motherhood and when to have a child will be severely affected by my age, and therefore not contain the knowledge of the older and wiser, or the Duchess herself. I believe that when I see the first pictures of Kate and her new baby boy that all my views will change as I’ll see the pure happiness that only a mother can display after giving birth to someone she instantly falls in love with. Despite my beliefs that she wasn’t ready, with parents as great as hers, I’m sure Kate is going to be such a amazing, loving and devoted Mum, and that William will be an equally devoted, loving and amazing father, just as his own was, and be just as his mother was too: devoted, caring, loving and above all, the greatest protector of her children. They do make the perfect couple, so I am certain that they will make the perfect parents.

So, again, the biggest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and to the rest of the royal family. What a proud proud day for you all.


Now all we have left to craze about is what the baby shall be called and when the first pictures will appear. I’m sure that a lot of betting people will be sitting up and willing the name they placed a bet on to be shown on the screens of their constantly turned on televisions. To you I say, best of luck, I’m sure the odds are fantastic, as the amount of names that could be chosen is very very large.

Oh, and I’ll also be expecting my TV guide to be full of royal baby programmes and the history of royal babies documentaries to be filling every single slot. It’ll also be the perfect opportunity for those companies with existing stories of the story of Will and Kate, to again, show these again, with the addition of their new arrival, or any other programme with ‘royal’ in association, with the news of the addition to the royal family added in to make it relevant to the current society. I can’t even say I was shocked to see that just six hours later, there was already a programme named ‘The Royal Babies’ (I think). I’m sure that there may have already been many more before that. Technology is fabulous these days.

So, while we all wait with bated breath for the pictures and the name of the new royal baby boy:

         Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!


(I had to add this picture-it’s so cute!)

-Written by: Laura

A Fabulous Welcome

Welcome to Fifty Shades of Fabulous, Folks!

Being our first post, we thought it’d be wise to tell you a little bit about ourselves – but then we thought: “Isn’t there an ‘About Us’ page for that?…” so we won’t go into a lengthy detailed post about every single nook and cranny of our lives. Instead we came up with the idea of just explaining a bit about who we are as a duo – not individual people. So here is the outcome:

We met in 2008 when we P1080786first started the dreaded high school – It wasn’t until 2012; year 11 however that we actually started to become really good friends. Even before we started to become great friends, we were friends because of the one simple thing we had in common: Our Birthday! Yes, we have the same birthday. There used to be an extremely big group of people who all got along and there was no fuss – but then certain circumstances meant that the group slowly drifted apart and Scarlett had a choice to make: Did she hang around with the people who were turning to drugs or did she hang around with the people who were clever enough not to, whom Laura was one of? Well like a fool, being Scarlett she hung around with the first group – but don’t be alarmed, she didn’t touch any drugs. However, Scarlett soon realised who silly that choice was and being the loving people they are our current group of friends accepted her in their little group – the group that the fabulous Laura was in. From that very day, we grew closer and closer and even made presents for teachers together: like the famous meat hamper for our RE teacher and now we spend most of our time together because we’re great.

Being the only two girls in our close group of friends it’s perfect, because there is no bitching, no falling out, we’re just a brilliant group of people who have a brilliant time doing brilliant things – and that’s the way we all like it.

Laura’s version of this story would go along the lines of: “Scarlett nuzzled her way into our group, so we became friends.”

So this is the fabulous adventure of how we know each other – nothing magical or special to the everyday person, but to us it is our story and no one Else’s – ew, soppy.

Until the next time,

Stay safe, Stay warm, Stay hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written by: Scarlett