Fabulous Liebster Love!

We won a Liebster Award! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Thank you very much to MHK in STL¬†for awarding us with the prestigious award, you’ve made two girls very happy and very grateful! ūüėĬ†

So what is the Liebster Award(?), I hear you ask. Well, the Liebster Award is all about the discovery of new blogs, and giving the award to your favourite blogs so more and more can be found, and shared, and ideas can be shared and read by many more. It also helps bloggers hopes of expanding their exposure and gaining more followers.

“Liebster” is a German word (I should really know what it means as I took GCSE German for two years-I think it means something associated with ‘love’ as ‘lieb’ means ‘love’). The exact meaning of it is slightly varied, and it can mean anything associated with the words ‘sweetest’, ‘dearest’, ‘lovely’, ‘pleasant’, ‘valued’, ‘cute’, ‘endearing’ or ‘welcome’.

So how does it work? Well the blog that awards yours with the ‘Liebster Award’ designs a set of questions that you have to then answer, in our case, the questions have come from MHK in STL . Then, when you are choosing your few favourite blogs, you then design your own set of questions for them to answer, and on it continues.

Myself and Scarlett will both answer the set of questions separately and then design our own individual set of questions and choose our own favourite blogs. We hope you enjoy reading our answers! ūüôā


1. Is there a story behind the title of your blog? If so, share it!

Yes, there is actually. Ours was a joke that started it actually. Scarlett has always used the word “fabulous”. She uses it as an adjective to describe everything, and always uses it to sign off with her name, and in reference to herself. I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I think it was the day we were down at V-shape: “A Fabulous Adventure“, but the planning definitely came when we were¬†at my dad’s house taking fabulous pictures of ourselves.¬†We were laughing, as we usually do together, and obviously thinking we were both hilarious (we’re not, but we like to think we are) and I remember saying something like “we should just start our own blog or something” (because I know Scarlett has her own blog) as a joke. But then Scarlett got all excited and began to explain all the possibilities of this ‘joke’ and I began to get involved in the excitement too. We began to discuss this, and I remember saying “yes, we should call it ‘Fifty Shades of Funny'”. Scarlett loved it and it made us laugh again. Later that day at V-shape we began to brainstorm ideas for posts and what we would include in our blog.

That night, Scarlett messaged me (as she created the entire blog (thank you Scarlett!)) saying that ‘Fifty Shades of Funny’ had already been taken and that there was a ‘Shades of Funny’ available and ‘Fifty Shades of Fabulous’. I really wanted the ‘Fifty Shades’ part involved, and of course with Scarlett’s fabulous-ness, it really made complete sense to go for the second option. We both loved it, and ‘Fifty Shades of Fabulous’ was born.

We then got carried away, and jokingly said we should make a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc etc for ‘Fifty Shades of Fabulous’. It was another joke, but later on I¬†received¬†a barrage of links to all our new pages. Sigh.

Scarlett: I take things seriously – especially blogging. So when Laura jokes, I go out of my way to make those things happen.. mostly to see how Laura will react, but partially because you never know where blogging may lead.

2. What is your favourite go-to hobby to cure boredom?

I could do anything. Competitive sport games with friends and family are always tons of fabulous fun. I used to play cricket with my Dad and brother and I absolutely loved it.

Oh and to watch ‘Jamie’s World‘ videos. I don’t think I’ve seen anything funnier. They are partly to congratulate in helping me retain my sanity during my exam and revision period. The girl is a genius. If you would like to check out her videos too, click here to go to her Facebook page.

3. If you could donate $10,000 to a charity of your choice, which charity would it be? Why?

My choice would be Marie Curie. I mostly always wear on of their yellow daffodils. It was always on my blazer when I went to school, and I think I remember getting really annoyed when I was told to take every accessory off my blazer, which included the daffodil, because it was a charity that I was showing my support for. The yellow daffodil now hands from my college lanyard. The story behind why I would donate this money to them because the nurses were an amazing support and help for my Nan when she was suffering with terminal cancer. That help and support meant the world to her and the world to my family, and without them, we wouldn’t have known what to do. I therefore want every person who are suffering with cancer to have the opportunity to be helped and supported by these people, because they made such a positive impact on my Nan’s and my family’s lives in the darkest days, and I want this for all cancer sufferers and their families too. Marie Curie’s work and their nurses help would not be able to continue without much needed donations, and that is why I would donate $10,000 to them.

4. What’s your favourite thing to do with your best friend?

Anything. Best friend’s make everything great, so it’s hard to pick a favourite.

5. It’s a rainy day. What do you do?

Sleep. No I’m joking. What a waste of a day if you just slept through it.

Well I tell you one thing I definitely wouldn’t do. Go outside. Actually, I tell a lie, I would, if it meant I had a house right next door that I could come back into, peel off my damp clothes, dry myself and get into some warm and snuggly pyjamas, otherwise, no, I would not go outside.

I find my house full of possibilities of activity on a rainy day. It’s better when I have the house to myself because then there’s more to choose from. I could read, bake, watch TV, learn to play the guitar, sing, dance, clean, tidy, iron, wash pots, finish housework, finish any other work I have to do, go on the Xbox (with my brother’s permission of course), draw, craft, Playstation, Wii, blog, anything really. I probably wouldn’t do most of those actually. I would try and take full advantage of being stuck indoors for the day and attempt to finish jobs I have set myself to do because it annoys me when I have stuff to do and I am not productive. However, I would probably just end up and want to lounge around with a blanket and plenty of pillows watching films all day. That would be perfect. I love films.¬†Preferably¬†watching them on my own, but I don’t mind company.

6. What’s your all-time favourite movie?

What a fitting question after my last response! Ooh, I have no idea! Hm, I’m addicted to film adaptations of the novels of Jane¬†Austen. My favourite is probably the 2005 adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ starring Keira Knightley and Matthew McFadden. I will simply refuse to watch any other adaptation of that story. It pains me to have to watch another as I believe there is nothing that can top that version. It’s completely fabulous.

7. Ice cream or frozen yoghurt?

I don’t think I’ve ever had frozen yoghurt, I didn’t really know there was a difference between the two. Now I have acknowledged there is, I guess I would have to say ice-cream. Vanilla if I’m having it with a brownie or chocolate cake, and triple chocolate with chocolate sauce and all the chocolate swirls if it’s just on it’s own.

Scarlett: YOU’VE NEVER EATEN FROZEN YOGHURT?! Holy mother of god.

8. If you could hang out with a celebrity of your choice, who would it be?

Ooh, there’s so many to choose from. I would love to hang out with most of them I reckon. Someone who could keep my laughing I reckon. I think Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis), David Tennant and Danny O’Donoghue I reckon would be great fun to hang out with for the day, but I don’t know if I would choose them.

What I would really love to do is hang out on the sets of TV shows and films, to watch it all happen, and see how the people are off the cameras. I think that would be really great.

9. What is next on your reading list?

I’m currently reading ‘Picture Perfect’ by Jodi Picoult. She’s my favourite author right now. Her books grip me. So far I’ve read: ‘My Sister’s Keeper’, ‘Salem Falls’ and was part way through ‘Perfect Match’ at school, but I left before I got to finish it :-(. The topics of her book are often quite dark and disturbing, so I would not recommend for younger readers. The topics are also sometimes difficult to grasp as they contain a lot of specialised knowledge that I can not understand, and I don’t think would be able to understand without a degree in that profession. I find that this makes them all the more interesting to read, and to find out what spin she puts on them is intriguing.

The next item-s of my reading list would be to definitely read all of her books.

10. What are your hopes and dreams for your already adorable blog?

Aw, thank you for the compliment!

I never really thought about hopes and dreams if I’m honest with you. The main thought was to just start up a blog with my best friend and write about our adventures together, and things that make us laugh in the hope that they would brighten up someone’s day.

The hope to start off with was to get into the world of blogging and explore what it’s like.

The dream for the future would probably be to continue this, to keep entertaining people, and to watch in grow across our lives. My other dream for it will be for it to keep Scarlett and I together when we are separated, and to keep us and our adventures alive, connected and fabulous; wherever we may be in the world.

Scarlett:¬†As you may notice, i’m no good at writing big lengthy answers like Laura – so here are my answers in basic form!

1. Is there a story behind the title of your blog? If so, share it!

The story behind is Laura has clearly already explained Рso there we go!

2. What is your favourite go-to hobby to cure boredom?

I have many things I can do when I get bored: Art, Pokémon, Minecraft, Reading, walking.. My favourite at the moment though is most definitely blogging.

3. If you could donate $10,000 to a charity of your choice, which charity would it be? Why?

Myeloma UK –¬†My Auntie Sue died of this awful disease just before¬†Christmas so i’d do anything¬†to help anyone going through the same thing. It’s one of the lesser known of the cancers so it doesn’t get as much¬†funding so the $10,000 would go a long way.

4. What’s your favourite thing to do with your best friend?

My favourite thing to do with my best friends is just be with them. With my friends we could do anything and find enjoyment out of it. However, with Laura: just staying in, watching films (such as hairspray) singing and drinking cocktails.

5. It’s a rainy day. What do you do?

Stay in bed watching movies and blogging –¬†inviting friends¬†round sometimes to stop¬†me from going insane.

6. What’s your all-time favourite movie?

It’s a tie between The¬†Shawshank Redemption and The Hunger¬†Games – both clearly are tear¬†jerkers: Shawshank, the end where Red and Andy hug on the beach and Hunger games, where Rue dies.¬†I am currently watching the Hunger Games and¬†the¬†way that the sound and picture is used to show¬†different things¬†is really clever. The Shawshank¬†Redemption is just a classic, and I don’t know¬†of one person who doesn’t like it.

7. Ice cream or frozen yoghurt?

Frozen Yoghurt any day –¬†I currently have¬†lots of Frubes in my freezer.

8. If you could hang out with a celebrity of your choice, who would it be?

ZAK BAGANS! I bet you all knew that was coming.¬†Zak¬†Bagans is my¬†idea of perfection, but¬†if Aaron¬†Goodwin was there as well that’d be the perfect day in my eyes: Zak’s beauty,¬†greatness and all round fabulousness¬†and¬†Aaron’s brilliance and witty humour would cause for an extremely¬†brilliant time, not to mention we’d go on a ghost¬†hunt – something I’ve always wanted to do.

9. What is next on your reading list?

I’m currently looking for the Hunger Games saga – i’m sure Laura¬†said her brother has it.. I May have to steal it¬†off him when I get home.

10. What are your hopes and dreams for your already adorable blog?

Cute, “Adorable” – Thanks ‚̧

I agree with Laura – I hope for it to keep us in touch where ever we are in the world – another big dream that could come out of it is for our blog to get recognised by something big and we and Laura could become famous for it.. A long shot but never say never right?

So without further ado…here are our Liebster Love nominations:

It’s me, Charlotte¬†– anyone that loves reading is super cool. Books are the way forward, forget about technology. Nothing can beat a good book. We especially loved her ‘Book Obsession post’. This is pure fabulousness:

“People do not understand why I am obsessed with books.
I don’t understand why they aren’t.
Right here.
When I talk to some people I cannot understand why they don’t love books.
But then I talk to people who are equally excited by books and the world is balanced once again.”

Thoughts from Hazel  РHer words are simply beautiful.

Advent’s & Other Fine (ell) Adventures¬†– We love the way her posts end with what she is thankful and grateful for in her life. It’s such a lovely and inspiring passage to read. There should be more people with the positive mind that she possesses.

…and last but not least;¬†polka dots and leopard spots¬†– Her fashion sense and quirky highlights makes her our firm favourite fashion blogger!

So the questions for our nominees are as follows: 

  1. Can you remember why, when and where you first decided to write a blog, if so why, when and where?
  2. What is your all time favourite thing to wear? Favourite book? What’s your most played song?
  3. What is your favourite thing to do when you’re home alone?
  4. Would you prefer to be without music for the rest of your life or without television?
  5. What is your idea of a perfect date?
  6. Do you say Oreo or Orrrreo? 
  7. Which is your favourite Haribo sweet? 
  8. If you could bottle something in order to keep it forever, what would it be? 
  9. What’s something you’ve disliked your whole life?
  10. If you were Prime Minister/President, what would your first official act be? 

We can wait to read your answers! ūüôā

So to our nominees/award-ees, and all the other bloggers out there:

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written by two very happy girls!


Fabulous Famous Five

Well that’s clearly the best title ever – alliteration, informative and it has the word fabulous, what more could you want? For today’s post, I thought about sharing my top 5 famous people and explaining why i love them so much. If you know me as a person, you’ll already know about a few of these but if you don’t: welcome to Scarlett’s fantasy mind! – P.S If you haven’t gathered by now, it’s Scarlett writing this.

ishot-2321. Zak Bagans: Like i said, if you know me you’ll already know about this. I have a huge obsession with Ghost Adventures so this person and the next person will come as no surprise to you. Zak Bagans is a macho ghost hunter who saves dogs – what more could you wish for? For those who don’t know who Zak Bagans is:¬†Zachary Alexander (Zak) Bagans (born on April 5, 1977) is the lead investigator and co-founder of the Ghost Adventures Crew organization, one of the largest worldwide network of professional paranormal investigators. Zak was born in Washington, D.C. and currently lives in Las Vegas, NV. I can easily admit my love for Zak Bagans – even when i don’t love easily. After years of watching Ghost Adventures daily, Zak and the crew have increasingly become part of my life – how ever sad that may sound. I’m currently watching the Ghost Adventures marathon on Really (UK TV) too, so i’m even getting the watch Zak’s face in night vision as we speak.

I don’t just have a thing for Zak because of his muscular physique and loving nature – Zak is my inspiration when it comes to my future because i’ve always wanted to become a Ghost Hunter. Zak Bagans has added to that dream by giving me the knowledge of equipment and terminology that i would need to pursue this – he’s shown me the dangers and benefits of the job.

size_550x415_ZakBobbyMackeypuppyfeedingHaving grown up for the past few years with Zak as my guide i suppose i’ve just got used to him being around, even though he’s not physically around. Some of you may have your doubts about the evidence on Ghost ¬†Adventures and from my person blog post you can see my opinions on that – i too believe some of their evidence may be fake, but i do truly believe in a majority of their evidence.

If Zak Bagans wasn’t so kind hearted and loving, i personally would think he is rather stuck up – i did when i first started watching Ghost Adventures because his aggressive nature seemed to dominate his personality. It wasn’t until i got more fond of the show when i started to discover his loving nature. Zak is successful – he has his own CD, Book, Website, Clothing Line and of course, his own show! Overall, Zak Bagans is my number one favourite famous person because of his witty, loving and manly personality. I also have a strange obsession with his hands…

Elizabeth-Ruth-Pettyjohn-Test-7932-950x14252. Aaron Goodwin:¬†So Aaron Goodwin is also from Ghost Adventures, so i apologise if you don’t watch Ghost Adventures and find these two people as complete mysteries to you. So Aaron, to me, seems like the most down to earth of the Ghost Adventures Crew, and he’s without a doubt the funniest. To be honest, Aaron is a very close first with Zak but Zak just clenches that win for me… Aaron’s fabulous beard, facial expressions and witty humour have me in stitches constantly throughout the show which put a lighter mood to it instead of a scary, ghostly tone.

Aaron also has his own website and his own clothing brand: Bigsteppin’, which is rather snazzy i might add – i’ve been begging my parents for a Bigsteppin’ tank top for over a year now but of course they wont order it because it’s from America! Not only does he have a website –


Aaron is also the maker of ‘Aaron’s Vlog’ which shows all us Ghost Adventures fans what the crew get up to during the filming of GA – Thank you Aaron!

As well as Aaron’s brilliance with Ghost Adventures, he also gives to charity- at Christmas he gave unfortunate children hundreds of toys. So over all, Aaron is amazing because he’s 1, part of the Ghost Adventures Crew 2, Is fabulously funny 3, Gives to charity 4, Shows us what the GAC gets up to during filming.

Johnny Depp, Self Assignment, April 1, 19953. Johnny Depp:¬†So if you don’t know who Johnny Depp is you’ve been living in a cave for the whole of your life. John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II is an American actor, film producer, and musician. He has won the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild award for Best Actor.¬†I think that really all i need to do to explain my love for Johnny Depp is show you a picture – what more can i say? The cheek bones and the eyes and his HANDS! Once again, i have a thing for hands…¬†Depp has more than 12 tattoos mapped out over his body.¬†They include his son’s name scripted on his right forearm and daughter Lily-Rose’s above his heart, and a Native American profile on his right bicep paying homage to his Cherokee heritage. I love tattoo’s on any man, so Johnny Depp having tattoo’s is a just a bonus. His style is fabulous and retro – just another little thing that i like about him. Also, from what i’ve heard and seen, he’s usually wearing a cute plastic necklace his daughter made him.Johnny-Depp

To me, Johnny seems really down to earth and he most certainly doesn’t take being a huge star for granted¬†“He’s even signed autographs for crowds at the airport while carrying luggage,” says editor Steve Cyrkin. To some people that doesn’t mean anything, but for a common girl like me, the people i look up to most being humble is something i like. Depp’s role in certain films also stand out to me: Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissor hands, Sweeney Todd, Cry Baby and Gilbert Grape are some of my favourites.

helena-bonham-carter-1366609237_b4. Helena Bonham Carter:¬†I don’t actually know why i like Helana so much – i think it’s her quirky style and her constant duoing with Johnny Depp. I especially like her in Sweeney Todd – one of my favourite films.¬†Helena Bonham Carter, CBE is an English actress. She made her acting debut in a television adaptation of K. M. Peyton’s A Pattern of Roses before winning her first film role as the titular character in Lady Jane.¬†It doesn’t surprise me that Helena is in nearly every Tim Burton film going – them being a couple and all.¬†The reason she is a great role model for me is that she is completely down to earth – like all of the people i’ve mentioned here. She shows girls like me that you don’t have to be blonde and stick thin to be pretty because dresses completely unique.helena-bonham-carter2

She doesn’t care what others think about her style and likes the fact that she doesn’t follow the celebrity trends – so she’s like an inspiration to me. She dresses with good taste and she says that she is disgusted by plastic surgury and will never get it. More people should be more individual and realize that there is more than one type of beauty.¬†Over all, Helena is a great actress that deserves to be praised for going against the stereotypes people have made about what being a god actress is, also because she’s really down to earth and of course is usually with Johnny Depp!

554948118526422724865. Jennifer Lawrence:¬†So i basically like Jennifer Lawrence because she was in the Hunger Games, my favourite film. I don’t have much to say about Jennifer, other than she was great in the Hunger Games so i have a bit of a thing for her. From what i’ve heard she’s also major funny and witty.

She¬†tripped over her Dior dress¬†at the¬†SAG Awards, boldly faced the wardrobe malfunction headlines,¬†sassed late-night talk-show hosts¬†and¬†freaked out, fan-girl style,¬†when she met¬†Jack Nicholson. Something which would most likely happen me! All that and she also took home a lead actress Oscar for¬†“Silver Linings Playbook”¬†to boot.

To me she’s basically perfect, just because she isn’t perfect. And from this video you can clearly see that she’s amazingly funny!¬†

So until the next time,

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Welcome back, Scarlett!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! As of 22:53, yesterday evening, I had confirmation that Scarlett had returned from her boating trip around the country. This has personally made me very happy, and I’m sure that it has also made our circle of friends very happy too ūüėĬ†

So I have some welcome back messages from myself, Isaac and Lyndon, as we are the only ones insane enough to still be awake.

Isaac:¬†Hey Scarlett, I missed you lots, it really hasn’t been the same without you here, I have missed all of our Xbox shenanigans loads! Welcome home!

Lyndon: When you left so did a part of me and now you have returned I feel complete again. Welcome home! 

Laura: Hey sweet pea! Funny thing is once you were on your return journey and now that you have returned home, I am suddenly much better. I hope you appreciate that I found you a banner that has American stars on them to welcome you home. I have missed you, very much, and I am very glad that you’re home safe and sound, and that you are now enjoying some peaceful catch up sleep. I will definitely see you later, I may even come and drag you out of your house before you do me. I hope you’ve had a lovely time. Our little family is all back together now! Welcome home honey! ūüôā¬†

So, until the next time a friend leaves us all and then returns:

Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written by: Laura

Scarlett: I’ve just seen this and realised how much i love my friends – you’re all fabulous. I’m extremely happy to be home and in the presence of such amazing people again. And Laura, i do¬†appreciate all of your time and effort to get me an American Welcome Home Banner – you know me so well.¬†¬†

A Fabulous Holiday

This post comes from the cosy greatness that is my boat as I (Scarlett) am currently on spending the week on my narrow boat, Golden Sunset. After a HUGE dilemma with my dongles, we managed to get them up and running on my new laptop so that I can blog from anywhere! РMy favourite spot is on the front of the boat next to Rosie and Jim.

So far on my boating adventures I have been from Shardlow to Burton to Llitchfield, to Fazeley, and to Tamworth – stopping off at places like Drayton Manor and the Snow Dome in between, not to mention a hell of a lot of shopping took place. I have only just got back from Ice Skating and with my aching ankles and calves i’m currently relaxing on the front of the boat with a Pick’N’Mix by my side chugging along the canal with just the sound of the countryside and the tapping of my keyboard and the wind blowing through my hair. Speaking of hair, one downside of the boat is that my hair dyer and straighteners don’t work here so i’m walking around with natural hair and being me that isn’t a preferred option. Despite that i’m actually having a really nice time with my parents and the nature is giving me a bit of a detox. Life couldn’t be better for me at the moment, great friends, lovely weather and of course my new laptop – not to mention my health.. I’m alive at least.

Events that are worth sharing:

  • Storm force 10 at Drayon Manor broke down while we were waiting and my parents still insisted that we were going on it, wasting about an hour of our time, when we eventually got on it, I got soaked head to foot and had to walk around looking like a drowned rat all day.
  • My Dad stole my mums onion rings at dinner today, now my mum wont shut up about it.
  • I fell over once at Ice Skating, and it was the only time my dad was filming, i’ll attempt to get the video uploaded eventually.
  • I’ve had a total of around 10 hours sleep because my parents both keep me up all night snoring.

So until the next time, I’ll carry on having a fabulous time!

Stay safe, stay warm, stay hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written By: Scarlett

A Fabulous New Addition!

So, the much awaited royal baby has arrived-welcome to the world ‘Prince of Cambridge’, and congratulations to both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge-William and Katherine!


The royal baby born was born today at 4:24pm (what beautiful numbers to be born on), weighing 8lbs 6oz. And born on the hottest day of the year so far! Surely that’s a good omen, right?

I’m sure that posts like these will be in the hundreds, maybe thousands, tonight, so I’ll try and add a touch of fabulous-ness and difference to this one.

I imagine tonight, pretty much a very high percentage of Britain will be going crazy, and most of those people will probably be stood outside Buckingham Palace. I suppose it’s then quite lucky that there wasn’t a thunderstorm down there as there is up here in this little town I’m currently in. I imagine a storm on the night of the birth of the new Prince would also be something quite ominous, but let’s not think like that.

I must say my favourite part of the royal birth was definitely when the Queen joked about her impatience as to when the newborn would arrive. I remember watching her say the words “I do not really mind as to whether it is a boy or a girl, but I would very much like it to arrive. You see I’m going on holiday next week, and would very much like it to arrive before then”. I’m not sure about the latter of that statement, but I definitely think I heard the first part, and I must say, it was very amusing.


Over the past few months, I have often thought that Kate was not ready for motherhood. To¬†me, she seemed to be this fragile, fresh figure of someone who was just getting settled into¬†newly married royal life and with all it’s hectic-ness and public outings, and then BAM, she was pregnant just a year later. To many that may seem like a long time after being¬†married to a royal to have the first child, but to me, it seems so very very soon. It almost looked like as if she was under pressure to give birth to an heir. But I’m sure that’s not the case, and¬†being only 16 and not Kate herself, I’m sure that my view on everything surrounded with motherhood and when to have a child will¬†be severely affected by my age, and therefore not contain the knowledge of the older and wiser, or the Duchess herself. I believe that when I see the first pictures of Kate and her new baby boy that all my views will change as I’ll see the pure happiness that only a mother can display after giving birth to someone she instantly falls in love with. Despite my beliefs that she wasn’t ready, with parents as great as hers, I’m sure Kate is going to be such a amazing, loving and devoted Mum, and that William will be an equally devoted, loving and amazing father, just as his own was, and be just as his mother was too: devoted, caring, loving and above all, the greatest protector of her children. They do make the perfect couple, so I am certain that they will make the perfect parents.

So, again, the biggest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and to the rest of the royal family. What a proud proud day for you all.


Now all we have left to craze about is what the baby shall be called and when the first pictures will appear. I’m sure that a lot of betting people will be sitting up and willing the name they placed a bet on to be shown on the screens of their constantly turned on televisions. To you I say, best of luck, I’m sure the odds are fantastic, as the amount of names that could be chosen is very very large.

Oh, and I’ll also be expecting my TV guide to be full of royal baby programmes and the history of royal babies documentaries to be filling every single slot. It’ll also be the perfect opportunity for those companies with existing stories of the story of Will and Kate, to again, show these again, with the addition of their new arrival, or any other programme with ‘royal’ in association, with the news of the addition to the royal family added in to make it relevant to the current society. I can’t even say I was shocked to see that just six hours later, there was already a programme named ‘The Royal Babies’ (I think). I’m sure that there may have already been many more before that. Technology is fabulous these days.

So, while we all wait with bated breath for the pictures and the name of the new royal baby boy:

         Stay Safe, Stay Warm, Stay Hydrated and Stay Fabulous!


(I had to add this picture-it’s so cute!)

-Written by: Laura

Five Fabulous TV Shows

For today’s post we thought that we’d write about 5 of our favorite TV shows – we thought doing 5 each would be a lot simpler and cause a lot less debating that trying to come up with 5 shows that we both love equally as much – so this is the outcome!:

Scarlett’s Top 5 TV Shows:

ghost-adventures_web-logo_476x268 1: Ghost Adventures

So if anyone out there reading this knows me, or even if you’ve been in my presence for more that 5 minutes you’ll know that i have a serious obsession for ghost adventures. Now ‘Ghost Adventures’ is an American ghost hunting show with Ghost Hunting being one of the things I would consider being when i’ve matured, Ghost Adventures and Zak Bagans has to be one of the biggest inspirations for me. Zak Bagans, the lead investigator is not only macho and wears tight tops – he saves dogs too, what more could you want? I know some of you’re out there are saying ‘It’s Fake!’¬† and i’m not going to sit here and tell you that you’re wrong because you’re most likely right. I understand that Zak, Aaron and Nick often will have to make up more exciting encounters just to keep their audience entertained but that doesn’t go to say that SOME of their evidence isn’t truthful. If you’d like to read more about what i think about Ghost Adventures, click here.

Doctor-Who-50th2. Doctor Who

With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who coming up, it’s making me love it more and more – the tension of who will be the new Doctor is killing me but being a VERY big loving of Matt Smith i know that more than a few tears will be being shed this Christmas. The way that Doctor Who has something for everyone is magical – quirkiness, sadness, comedy and in some cases; romance. Doctor Who brings back memories from childhood for older views, and will without a doubt it’ll be something i can look back on from my future and remember it as an amazing show. However, despite my love for Doctor Who, i can’t regret the thoughts of it going down hill – the story lines are getting more complicated and in some cases it seems as if The Doctor is becoming more of a magician rather than a mad man with a box. – Regardless, i still love Doctor Who.

the-big-bang-053: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is spectacular – let me just get that out there straight away. Not many American shows about Geeky Scientists do it for me, but The Big Bang Theory certainly does. Every Single member of the cast is perfectly chosen – especially Sheldon. The main four, Sheldon, Lennard, Rahj and Howard and just so different it makes them such an amazingly formed quartette. Each one has their own qualities and developed stories which we are told about through out the series – My favorite is most definitely a tie between Sheldon and Rahj, Sheldon’s dominant presence is hilarious for someone of his mental capacity and Rahj’s Innocence and witty one-liners popped in here and there is just what makes them two so perfect. The women are also casted perfectly – Penny, Amy and Bernadette are so different but just so perfect for each of their partners. If you haven’t seen the Big Bang Theory yet, you need to get out of your little cave and check it out!

storagehunters4. Storage Hunters

Storage Hunters has increasing started to become a major part of most days – watching hours on end of the amazingly staged program. This is ANOTHER American show, about people bidding for ‘Bins’ of storage that people no longer want or access¬† – it’s so staged and fake it makes it absolutely hilarious to watch. The auctioneer Sean Kelly has the most annoying but brilliant voice it makes me giggle all the way through. Each bidder has their own little personalities and the on going hatred between Brandon and Lori Bernier and Jesse McClure is absolutely priceless. Sean’s nicknames for each of the bidders are also priceless – calling big black women ‘Queen Latifah’ and calling the lock gutter ‘Green Mile’. It’s just so obviously American, staged and practically amazing it’s unbelievable – you should all check it out, if not for the program it’s self and just the comedy value.

Come-Dine-with-Me-Logo5. Come Dine With Me

Come Dine with Me is a cookery program which, lets face it, is absolutely hilarious. The show has either four or five amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants. Each competitor then rates the host’s performance with the winner winning a ¬£1,000 cash prize. Most of us have seen Come Dine With Me at one point of our lives – but what makes this tv show so amazing is DAVE LAMB. Dave Lamb is the comical genius who does the bitterly sarcastic commentary, ripping into each contestant one by one. His comments are amazing, because it’s just what everyone is thinking but they don’t have the guts to say it – but oh boy, Dave Lamb does.

Laura’s Top 5 TV Shows:

So I’m struggling with how to rank mine so as most television competitions do I shall announce them in no particular order:

My Favourite TV Show (probably of all time): 

                                                UGLY BETTY

UB Single Page KeyArt_SplitScreen.indd

This has to be one of the greatest TV shows that has ever been created, and I am so so upset that it got cancelled after¬†just four series. I couldn’t understand why such a good show could just end. I couldn’t understand why people could not like this show…hold up, actually I can, even I got frustrated at times when all I wanted to know was just that little¬†week. But that is exactly what makes a good TV show, right? If you are literally on the verge of throwing yourself off the cliff to find the hanger, then the company producing the show and the writers are doing something right. Having viewers craving to know more and more keeps them eager, keeps them keen, and keeps them watching, which is the aim. This was definitely plentiful in Ugly Betty. The cliffhangers they left us with were just unfair. Especially the ones at the end of each series that we then had to wait for an ENTIRE new series to find the answer to. However being a master con artist, actually no, I don’t think that is relevant, I found away around this. After not watching the show for a period of time (god knows why) me and my mother (also a huge fan) decided to buybit extra that would make the whole thing make sense but darn I had to wait til next¬†the complete box set on Amazon, and spent many many days and nights sitting and watching episode after episode until we could leave the story in a place where we weren’t going to claw our eyes out to know the next bit. THAT was a hugely difficult task. I think we decide an honour for managing to find a situation at the end of an episode where we could cope with leaving it til the next day.

ugly-betty-season-3-ugly-betty-7460438-1024-768So the plot? It was so varied and was always changing so I could possibly not explain it to you. It basically teaches the story of a young girl, and how she becomes a success through her own ways and by not conforming to the world of vanity and beauty. It teaches of inner beauty, and I truly believe that that is the constant theme and the constant message throughout the show. The idea is that Betty is ‘ugly’ when she first comes onto our screens, but I’ve always strongly thought and believed that she couldn’t look more beautiful as she did in her first appearances in Season 1. All I would be able to say is just buy the box set (it’s not that expensive at all!) and watch every single episode and you’ll be able to understand why I am so hooked.

The characters were just so brilliant, so perfectly cast, so full of charisma and just so talented. There are simply too many to name, but each individually communicate their own individual message to the audience about who they are. I personally learned a message from all of them, and they each taught me something, an important life message, which I am so grateful to the show and the actors/actresses for creating characters that the audience could so easily connect with.

This is a show that can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can frustrate you and it can make you the happiest person alive. I found that after watching episodes I began to actually become the characters that I watched on screen, especially Amanda. Sassy, sexy and with one hell of an attitude, I found myself saying the things that she would say and adopting her ‘no-care’ attitude. This was followed closely by the character of Betty, as I immediately found myself with the ability to give so many more ‘pep’ talks. You can seriously connect with the show at a more emotional level. It’s not like a typical American show. It’s creative, it’s effortlessly fantastic, and the talent behind it is phenomenal…and that’s what makes it so different, unique and just so brilliant.


After finishing the box set, I was left saddened and unsatisfied at the ending. It all seemed too rushed and too quick, as opposed to the length of the story lines that had taken part in the four series. The network and writers had attempted to bring closure to all individual stories of the fourth series, but left me with so many questions. So this is when I made my decision to spend my days campaigning to find out more. And I did! I found a literature version of a Season 5 of Ugly Betty and I could not contain my joy! I originally thought this was the actual genuine Season 5, but then realised it was something created by fans, namely a organisation called ‘The Bachelor and Butterfly Committee’. This disheartened me slightly, but when I started reading, it shocked me to find that it was as if the actual writers had written it. The plot and the stories were so similar in style to how the ones of the TV Show were portrayed and the ideas were in such a similar style and portrayed in such a similar way to that of the show. ¬†I could actually imagine the scenes unraveling in my mind, and it was so wonderful to have a glimpse of Ugly Betty being alive again, for me. If there are any fans of Ugly Betty out there, who felt they had many questions at the end of the series, you can find a version of Season Five here:¬†http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6002738/1/Ugly-Betty-Season-5. This Season Five focuses a lot on Daniel and Betty and portrays what happens to them once they both end up in each others company in England. So for any ‘Detty’ fans out there, these literature episodes are definitely for you! Most of my questions were centered around Daniel and Betty and I personally wanted to see them as a couple (although some people took to the Internet to write articles as to why they’re so not right for each other, which I never understood) so this was perfect for me.

200px-UglyBetty_S1-1-The Committee promised a full 26 episode series, however, are only on Chapter 14, and we’ve been waiting a long time for anything new to be added, so I was very sad when I saw that it had not been updated for a while and finally thought I may have to just learn to survive without Ugly Betty being a part of my life any more.

But I couldn’t do it. I wanted to see more. I wanted more Ugly Betty to be made, and after searching through social networks, discovered that many other people did too. So I was on a mission, and determined to get in touch with the writer. It may seem silly to some, like, how would I make a difference? But I thought better to try and to know, than to never try and to never know what may happen. Starting my research, ¬†I become slowly more disheartened as I read critical reviews and bad press on the show. But watching videos of the characters and how much they would love for the show to continue, and reading comments on blogs about how much the public wanted it back, and my own personal desire kept me going. I gathered a lot of research, found contact details, came up with alternate ideas such as just a series for DVD if it could not get the air time, or just a movie, which had been rumoured to be in talks of being created and began to draft my letter. Unfortunately, school began, GCSE Year 11, and I couldn’t afford to spend any more time on my mission. I had to leave it unfinished, and focus of my studies. However, now starting this blog, and having the ability to communicate with a large community of people, I am determined to finish what I started.

If you want to see Ugly Betty back, please contact me through the comments below or on our Facebook page which you can find in the bar to the right. I would love to find other people that feel the same as me about this fantastic show and would love to bring it back. I know I can’t be the only one.



I do agree with Scarlett on ‘Doctor Who’. I love this show, but I always struggled to understand some of the story lines which I always have to interrupt the show to ask about and getting into the show once there was a new Doctor. I started watching Doctor Who when Christopher Eccleston began as the Doctor and I loved every single minute of it. This was my reasoning behind why I then swore loyalty to Mr Eccleston and swore never to watch the new series of Doctor Who because of the fact he was no longer in it and I believed the show would never be as good without him. I refused to accept David Tennant. However, I did start the watch the new series as it had become something of a family tradition with my Dad and brother. After a short amount of time, I had fallen in love with David Tennant as Doctor Who. His craziness, wacky style sense and pure talent to entertain hooked me instantly and I was drawn in to this new world of Doctor Who with David Tennant. However my ability to understand and grasp some of the story lines didn’t change, so didn’t improve. But with David Tennant as the Doctor, it didn’t matter. My biggest apologies to Christopher Eccleston (who became a very very close second) but David Tennant did become my all time favourite doctor.

So it was my utter delight that David Tennant remained as the Doctor for three series and eight specials. However, when this ended, I was utterly distraught and again, I swore loyalty to Mr Tennant, and refused to watch the next series. Due to family circumstances, I did stick by my oath, and I didn’t begin to watch the new series with Matt Smith, already certain I would neither like him, or the new adventures.

Scarlett, on the other hand, fell in love with Matt Smith and she has hundreds of photos of him and the Doctor Who series plastered all over her walls. I saw snippets of the series including Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) but did not generally follow them up to watch properly. I eventually did come to watch the series properly, but this began when Jenna-Louise Coleman started on the show, and I was so upset I had not watched it sooner. Although David Tennant still remains by favourite Doctor of all time, Matt Smith fell in at second place, cosying up to Christopher Eccleston. I loved the series, and I loved Matt Smith (his craziness just continued from that of David Tennant effortlessly and amazingly-they shared the same energy and the same passion) and I loved his companion, Clara Oswald (what a sassy one she is! :-)) . I just fell in love with the show again, but it seems this series was so short, which is really upsetting. However watching all the episodes on record, it meant I now don’t have to wait as long for November to see a new episode and series! And guess what?! I finally began to understand the story lines which is a miracle in itself. So I thank each and every one of the people behind the scenes at Doctor Who for helping me to do that.

Rumours of David Tennant returning have also made me very excited, so I wait eagerly for November and the Christmas special! ūüėÄ

I also like both ‘Come Dine With Me’ and the ‘Big Bang Theory’ but they are not in my Top 5. I also really enjoyed the one episode of ¬†‘Ghost Adventures’ that I watched during a PD lesson at school. I enjoy all kinds of TV shows very much, it’s so unfortunate that I can’t list them all! ūüė¶

We’d LOVE to hear about what you think of any of these programs or what your top 5 favorite programs are. Get in touch with us through Facebook or comment down below.

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Scarlett’s Candy Crush Addiction


Candy Crush Saga is a variation of match-three games such as Bejeweled. Each level has a game board filled with differently colored candies, and might contain obstacles. The basic move of this game is horizontally or vertically swapping the positions of two adjacent candies, to create sets of three (or more) candies of the same color. Having been a HUGE fan of Bejeweled as a kid I thought i’d download it one day and i’ve never looked back! No only does it entertain me for hours on end, it’s a great way to have little competitions with friends to get to highest level.

Being a free game, Candy Crush already has a wider audience than most games in the app store – it is the highest-grossing app in the Apple and Google app stores, not to mention the most popular app on Facebook: So clearly it’s pretty damn popular! Candy Crush Saga is played more than 600 million times a day and is¬†reportedly bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars to King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga.

So why is Candy Crush Saga so addictive?Candy-Crush-Addict

  • Ease of access: With Candy Crush being everywhere; your phone, laptop, iPod, iPad etc it never leaves you alone – it’s always there where ever you look so it’s usually just force of habit to play (Especially to me) and it’s so easy to just pick up where you left off.
  • Random Rewards: With Random Rewards coming up most of the time, it’s hard to stop playing the game until you get to that milestone – and usually it’s a lot further than you think – Like Las Vegas shot machines. ‚ÄúPeople keep responding in the absence of reinforcement hoping that another reward is just around the corner,‚ÄĚ says Mark Griffiths, director of the International Gaming Research Unit at the psychology department of Nottingham Trent University.
  • Competition: With most of my Facebook friends, it’s hard to stop playing in case of falling behind others – It’s always great to be number one in something, even when it’s just a silly little game like Candy Crush! Wherever you play it you can connect to Facebook so you can constantly check up on who is beating you and who isn’t.
  • Withdrawal: Because of the lives system, there are periods of time where you can’t play causing withdrawal symptoms for many players. It’s half an hour to wait for one life, so when you’re so close to finishing a section/zone it’s so tempting to buy new lives or sit by your phone for that half an hour just to wait for that one life.

For me, Candy Crush is just plain addictive because I have nothing better to do with my spare time! One little annoyance though – I got up to nearly level 100 and my iPod crashed so i had to reset it: Possibly the most heart breaking moment of my life.

We’d love to hear about your Candy Crush Saga addiction stories! Get in touch with us through Facebook or Comment down below!

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Written by: Scarlett