A lonely week (Not So Fabulous)

So Laura has gone to London for the week, meaning that I, Scarlett, am now spending the week alone at home without Laura – terrible stuff. So to treat you all and so that i don’t miss Laura too much i am planning on doing a daily post – about what, i honestly don’t know but i’ll think something up. I doubt i’ll be writing another post today, because i’m currently writing a movie review on my personal blog which will take me quite a while and then i need to be getting more art done to build up my portfolio. So to be pretty damn fabulous i’ll just find you some funny and fabulous gif’s to entertain you until tomorrow’s post!

What I say to people with crappy/horrible comments:


What i felt like when Laura said she was going to London for a week:


What we say to our followers:


Our most fabulous gifs:

1315443806532491 lorealenhardy.large post-15603-Fabulous-Dance-Vader-gif-mENq tumblr_meh4508En71r49nubo1_250  tumblr_static_bitch_i_m_fabulous

So until tomorrow and the next post,

Stay safe, stay warm, stay hydrated and Stay Fabulous!

Written By: Scarlett


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